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Room Lasers : Gammex "Micro" Diode Lasers

Gammex "Micro" Diode Lasers

Crosshair: MLR-150, MLG-150, MLB-150
Sagittal: MLR-200, MLG-200, MLB-200

Laser buyers now have a distinct choice!

The NEW Gammex "Micro" Diode Laser family offers an inexpensive alternative to conventional lasers systems used for alignment purposes. Small in size but not in capabilities, "Micro" is the perfect laser for situations where space and funds are both limited.

Micro uses a totally new design in lasers that results in brighter, lighter and sharper lines.

Micro has dimensions that are considerably smaller than other lasers on the market. This makes it easy to fit into tight locations.

Laser diode colors available will include Red, Green and Blue.

  • Brighter, sharper lines make them easier to see
  • Simple and easy to mount
  • Easy to adjust mounting in difficult locations
  • Laser design permits field conversion from one color diode to another if desired in the future
  • Great value!
  • Smallest footprint of any available commercial alignment diode laser
  • Compact design
  • 635 nm red laser, 515 nm ± 5 nm green laser AND 450 nm blue laser ± 5 nm available
  • Laser diode design that permits superior brightness, line thickness and focus ease
  • Brighter, sharper lines
  • Design reduces the refocusing
  • composite housing
  • Lasers carry a one year warranty.
  • Extended warranty plans are available

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